WINNERS, CG India "Galaxy Explorer -- da Evolution" 3d Contest !!

CGIndia is proud to announce the Winners of its first online 3D/CG Contest, "Galaxy Explorer-- da Evolution"!! We would like to thank all the CG Artists, who has participate in the contest from every corner of the world and our sponsors. # Please click on thumbnails for viewing bigger version of Images.

1st* Prize Winning Entry

Artists Name: John Komnos
Country : Greece
Image Title: Zeus032
Description: Galaxy explorer ZEUS
Artist Email ID: computex@otenet.gr
Artists Homepage: Not Available

2nd* Prize Winning Entry

Artists Name: Aamir Khan
Country : India
Image Title: Galaxy Explorer - Serpent
Description: This is my first CG contest which I participated with great enthusiasm and here is my entry of the Galaxy Explorer. It was a unique contest as the 3d mesh was already provided and enabled an artist to be a little limited with their imagination which made this contest really special and never before I came across or heard a contest like this one and I really enjoyed working on the model. I was a little late with the model as I came to know about it 13 days earlier than the dealine i.e 1st July so I did'nt had enough time to texture and render with effects/environment etc.
Artist Email ID: eaamir@hotmail.com
Artists Homepage: Not Available

3rd* Prize Winning Entry

Artists Name: Chong Chau Wei
Country : Malaysia
Image Title: The Glax
Description: Not Available
Artist Email ID: chauwei8@yahoo.com
Artists Homepage: Not Available

The Special Mention Entries

\\\\ by Toth Zoltan, Serbia
\\\\ by Jamshaid Raza, Pakistan
\\\\ by Sanjay Chand, USA

[note: Contest Winners, please email your permanent addresses; with subject line - 'winner CGIndia - GE' ]



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# First Runner-up
d'artiste - DIGITAL Painting by Ballistic Publishing
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#Second Runner-up
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ambientLight Road and Car Park Texture Generators Bundle
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# Special Mention
One Copy each too - Special Mention-Entry, of "d'artiste -DIGITAL Painting" by Ballistic Publishing!
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